Enjoying the little things

When I was going to work in the very center of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero, I used to have a very nice commute to work : a 20 min bicycle ride from home to an nice harbor, and then 40 minutes of boat in the Rio de la Plata, 2 times a day. One day, I was interviewed by someone from Clarin who wanted to know which kind of people are interested in such trip.

Note that it was expensive, compared to a usual trip with train, but nothing crazy. The duration was very similar and sincerely, it really impacts my day to day life, helping me to wake up in the morning, and helping me to disconnect when going back home. Did you already have the feeling that you did not disconnect from work in the public transport, car (in traffic), …? I had this feeling, which disappeared with those trips!

Ok, now it makes less sense with the confinement and remote work, but I believe many people will have to keep on going to their work, and I really advise them to think about how to improve this significant time spent to go to work.

One thought on “Enjoying the little things”

  1. I think this is a great idea! I know what it is to go into the city by public transportation every day, and feel that if i had been able to do this, it would have been a world’s difference!
    What an experience!

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