A digital talereader

During 2020 quarantine, I spent time reading tales online to children. It was a nice experience, because I have seen my 5-year-old kid a lot of times in front of the screen hardly trying to follow his teacher’ words, and I wondered how she felt. It had to be really hard for them to keep on being motivating to arouse interest of them through a video interaction, for so many times: in Argentina, the 2020 quarantine last almost the full year! The few sessions I did made me understand a flavor on what they had to support. If it is already hard to maintain a professional relationship through video, I believe it is way more challenging for a a teacher, with young kids.

Like many – if not all – dads, I have my experience of bedtime fairy tales. This insists how important it is for them. I really enjoy this peaceful moment. On my side, I recognize I have also “invented” many tales, and I did this a countless number of bedtimes. It was very funny because he loved to ask a new tale, with an increasing number of personages to consider, keeping the ones from the all the previous stories he liked. “Papa, today I want a tale with black beard, with the black corsair, with Zeus, Poseidon and Hercules, … and the unicorn!“ 😊 . I am sure this develop my creativity for solving work related problems.

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