10 years ago

I need to show who I am. I am going to tell things about what can be seen of me online. If you go back far way in time, you might see this. The summary of my master thesis, in 2011, wow, 10 years ago!

This was my first step of my career. Back then, I was really candid, very curious of the “world of work”, imagining a big gap between it and the “world of study” I knew in these moments. I was then finishing my double degree in financial enginering from ENSIMAG/KTH.

The thesis is interesting. it describes the way the electricity market dynamic is modeled on a technical point of view. It tries to improve it, with a finer representation, but hence hard to calibrate. But that’s ok, that’s the purpose of an internship, no? Showing you can understand a business problematic, propose some solutions but having a critical view on them. I guess I fully comply with this.

I wanted to apply these mathematical tools I had studied, without fully understanding them fully. But I was pretty sure that, in the real “world of work”, people had to do “more complex” things. I did not undertand then that the challenge was not using advanced mathematical tools, but rather use standart ones, and use them well, in an efficient communication with the professional environment, be them in the company or outside.

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