Under this blog carpet?

How to do a blog in the most efficient way? Do I look for the quickest way to do it, eventually with the associated cost? Or do I take advantage of this situation to learn something new?

After some web investigation, I came up with this solution. I will made it with wordpress, which is open-source and really easy to use. I think it is the appropriate solution for a blog. I will hosted it in the AWS free tier, which last 1 year. I will have to enter into some of the components of AWS cloud and its architecture. That’s nice, as I want to improve my cloud experience. I am not a specific fan of AWS, but the 1 year no cost is a convincing argument. The only cost of all this is a 12 USD/year to consider for the DNS (domain name server).

The only cost of all this is a 12 USD/year to consider for the DNS.

I have taken the picture from AWS here. This is the architecture they propose seems complex for me, and useless to start with, especially to take profit of the AWS free tier. For now, the blog runs with a EC2 t2.micro and a classical load balancer.

EC2 is the general name of the amazon server, they have different size and capabilities. The T2 instances are one of the low-cost EC2 instance of AWS (see their performances) but are totally sufficient for hosting a blog, as many other general-purpose applications. They are also available in the AWS free tier!

EC2 t2 product details

Then I did incorporate an elastic load balancer. The interest of an ELB is that it automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets. Note that it was not necessary to run the blog and access it from the DNS name lucgtf.com. I have made it because I thought it would help me to generate a https access but I could not make it work. In my simple case, not sure it is necessary with only one EC2, but I have the feeling it helps loading the page.

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